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Terms & Conditions


What WE will do for you

We take the ethics of copyright and confidentiality SERIOUSLY, and we respect the intellectual property of others.

We will NOT release any of the personal information we receive to any other party.  However, if we feel that any of your enquiries will benefit from external help, we will obtain your permission before we pass any of your details on to those who will help you.  If you prefer no third party involvement, please state this on your communication and your request will be honoured.

Any information we receive will be treated in strictest confidence and will be used solely for our own information and to improve the services we provide.

We continually strive to improve our services and take your feedback VERY seriously.  As part of our improvement we may want to contact you for opinions in the future.  If you would prefer NOT to be contacted please make sure that you enter 'NO' in the 'Future Contact' section on the ' Feedback' form.


What we expect from YOU

Copyright for 'Friendship is a Verb (in a hurting world)' book cover is owned by Xulon Press.  

All pages and graphics in this web site are owned by Stuart Wood unless otherwise specifically acknowledged in the text.

Further copying or reproduction, by whatever means is forbidden without prior permission from the respective copyright owner.



Work Submitted for Publication on the Website

Copyright on ALL submitted work remains with the original copyright owner.  All work submitted should carry original copyright details in the standard format.  

For example, work copyrighted by Waywood Music would show the following copyright information at the end of the work:  Copyright © 2004 Waywood Music  

The website will only act as the posting board for your work and makes no claim whatsoever to the copyright on that work.  All submitted work will be published in the Your Own Work  section of this website.  

We will carefully review all submitted material before publishing anything on this website.  We reserve the right to refuse publication if we feel that it is unsuitable.  'Unsuitable' includes, but is not limited to material of a defamatory, pornographic or hateful nature.  Submitted work should not contain any positively identifying features which may make that work the issue of a libel action by another party. publishes submitted work in good faith and by submitting work to us for publication, you accept that we will not be liable for any legal action which may arise through such posted work.

Our decision on the publication of all submitted work is final.


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