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ISBN 1-591608-82-1

Have you ever felt lost and alone?  Do you sometimes find yourself drowning amongst a sea of words around you, only to find the comfort you need elusive?

You need a friend.

Learn the importance of communicating with others.  And understand why having the opportunity to share triumphs, failures, fears and ambitions is so important for fulfilment in life.

You will always need people.  Success in life is a collection of relationships and that success is dependent upon the degree you succeed with people.  Friendship Is A Verb teaches you how to do that.

Friendship Is A Verb presents a practical guide to recognizing the importance of relationships in our daily lives and how to share that knowledge with others.

In the words of the author, "God designed us for relationship; otherwise He would only have made Adam!"

Learn why everyone you meet has something different to give.  Discover that even when some friends analyse and criticise you, these types of friends are also necessary. 

Discover how the many kinds of personalities involved in your life teach and strengthen you. 

Relationship skills can be learned, and Friendship Is A Verb is the first step to identify those skills and empower yourself to fall in love with people and people fall in love with you.

This is a "hurting world" and we need as many friends as possible. You do need a friend.

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'Friendship is a Verb (in a hurting world)' is a radical book exploring friendship, relationship, integrity and consistency in our behaviour.  

Stuart brings alive key issues to challenge and encourage readers into deeper, lasting, safer relationships. It is not just another book of words; it is forged from real life.

Read this book and you will understand that relationship and friendship must be verbs for us to present a real picture of God to our hurting world.  Read this book and you will be challenged.  Read this book and you may even be changed!

Stuart is a member of the 'school of hard knocks' (including serious illness) which he uses to bring fresh reality to important areas of everyday life.

Friendship is a VERB (doing word) NOT a noun (object)!

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Understanding what contributes to our insecurities and fears, how these impact our friendships and relationships, and how they can lead to injustice & abuse.

Understanding how we can know God, how effectively we show God to others, and looking at how (and if) we see God in our daily lives.

Understanding how imperfectly we act towards and judge each other, especially how we rank sins to fit our own comfort zones rather than in-line with how God REALLY acts.  Just what is the reality of being asked to forgive each other, as God forgives us?

Some lessons we can learn from our own families, warts and all!

A small selection of poems by Stuart's daughter.


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