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Readers' Comments

What do readers say?

"A Real Gem, 10 October, 2003:  I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I opened this book, but what a Gem it turned out to be.  A collection of Prose and Poetry written within a range of styles around the themes of friendship and relationships.  The book is written with an aching honesty about the authors experiences, that immediately draws you in, and rather than just identifying with the author, begins to make you really think about your own life and your own actions and intentions.  At first glance it may appear deceptively simple and almost naïve, but in actuality this book uses this simplicity as a method of stealthily delivering the point behind our own blasé and defensive attitudes.  You soon start to realise this book has a lot of levels and that each reveals something else you hadn't consciously realised about your attitudes or feelings.  As well as being very therapeutic if you have ever been hurt or let down by others in this arena, overall, if you want to be challenged and provoked into thinking about the whole subject of friendship take a chance on this - A superb read ! [5-Stars] "   Review by M Kennedy (UK) on Amazon.

"What a beautiful book 'Friendship is a Verb (in a hurting world)'. I cant remember enjoying a book so much.  You have really bared your soul in this and it has been a wonderful experience reading it.  Dave C. UK.

"This book should be in EVERY book shop.  A great read!" Penny S. CANADA.

"Perhaps one of the most honest and searching books I have read"  Mark H. CA.

"I picked it up and I couldn't put it down"  ST. UK

"A courageous book ... we need more like it"  Phil. IL.

"I only read one page and I was hooked!"  Anita J.  SF.

"I thought I hated poetry until I read your book.  Thank you, you've changed my view.  Please write more SOON!"  LT.  AUSTRALIA.

"Not always a comfortable read, but it's changed the way I see people."  Dave T.  UK.

"This book is so valuable.  I've already used it with some of my clients to great effect.  Thank you."  Will.  Counsellor.  UK.

"This is an awesome book!  Accessible, searching, funny, challenging.  When are you writing more?"  Steve.  UK.

"This stuff is so contemporary, so fresh, yet so mature."   Donna.  Toronto, CANADA.

"You seem to have successfully crossed barriers, writing things that are applicable to all of us."  Jessica.  France.

"I found myself in many of the pages and you've never met me.  Scary!"  Terry.  UK.

"An apparent child-like simplicity is underpinned by searing perception.  A scary read at times as I met myself face-to-face on a number of pages."  MH.  UK 

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