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About the Author
Stuart Wood

Born in Derby, UK at the end of 1958, Stuart is married with two children.  He holds a doctorate in science, working as a professional communicator.  But he is also a gifted drummer and percussionist with a passion for music and the creative arts.  In 1998 Stuart released his acclaimed debut CD Soundscapes, on which percussion and drums paint "sound pictures" of biblical passages and stories.  He is also the webmaster of several websites, including, providing help and advice to drummers and percussionists and, helping people set-up their own internet businesses.  His personal website can be found at

During his work in science, medicine, music and the church, and through his many personal friendships, Stuart has gained a great breadth of experience and understanding of relationships and friendships.  He has also made some big mistakes and suffered serious illness, during which relationships and friendships were often tested to the limit.  

Friendship is a Verb (in a hurting world) was born out the experiences of Stuart and close friends.  His natural ability to communicate difficult and often painful issues, sensitively yet directly; simply yet honestly, oozes from every page.  Whether Stuart writes commentary or poetry, the same transparency and challenge is there.  He does not try to give simple answers where there are none.  However, he does speak up for those who have no voice, and challenges those in a position of power or influence to carefully measure their words and actions.

Stuart challenges us to think about our friendships and relationships as the basis, building blocks and cement in our daily lives, so that everything we do is based on the best foundations.  'Relationship' and 'friendship' are not objects (nouns); they must be verbs (actions) for us to really experience fulfilment and meet needs in our hurting world.

Stuart's writings on a diverse range of subjects have been widely recognised and a growing collection of his work is being published.


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